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Heavy/ Speed Bag Platform
Description:Hangs Heavy bag on one side and speed bag on the other.
Great Space saver!

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Leather Double End bag



Description: Constructed of genuine top grade leather, this Double End Bag, is not only durable but quick
• Even though it is engineered for use in the gym, it's also great for your home gym

Focus Mitts



Description: Durable leather construction focus mitts Lightweight - easy on shoulders and joints. Ideal for boxing, kick boxing, martial arts, and cardio classes

Maximum Mitts

Description: Large design increases target possibilities • Contoured 14" target area and 2" of thick shock absorbing foam spreads out the impact to reduce strain on the coach's elbows and joints • Finger cover and padded hand compartment help prevent jammed fingers • Priced per pair

XL Body Opponent Dummy



Description:Body Opponent free standing dummy. Easily adjustable stand

Double End Ball Leather



Description: Double end ball in split leather with rubber straps.

Curved Focus Pads Leather



Description: Our unique curved design takes the pressure off and diminishes impact to the holder’s joints.
Made with Genuine leather outer shell.

Trainer-Focus Gloves



Description: Trainer focus Gloves.  Made of cow hide leather standard size.
Comes in Black, Red, Yellow, Blue

Kick Shield



Description: This shield is designed for heavy hitters

Windy Leg Kick Pad



Description: Affectionately referred to has the Thai Suitcase, it gives the coach yet another tool to teach important leg kick techniques

Description: Multi-layered foam padding in vinyl shell
› Durable nylon straps
› Curved design provides increased strike and kick variety, as well as maneuverability
› 25" tall x 16" wide x 6" thick

Thai Kick Pads in Leather



Description: Thai kick pads in leather, high density foam construction.

Extra Long Thai Pad


Description: All the great features of the Traditional Thai Pads
• Additional length extends over the elbows providing more protection.Made of leather with hook & loop straps › 17.5" tall x 8" wide x 4" thick › Priced per pair


Description: Countoured design creates the perfect sweet spot • Wider mid-section increases available target area • Reinforced handle • Pad measures 16" tall x 9" wide x 4" thick • Priced per pair

Curved Body Shield



Leg Kick Pad



Cobra Contoured Thai Pads



Standard Thai Pads



Leather Thai Bag Filled 6 foot



Power Hide Thai Bag 6' Filled



Extra Thick Thai Pads



Product Number:
Product Number:

Description: Instrumental in teaching leg kicks and foot jabs › An essential piece of equipment in any comprehensive training regiment › Synthetic leather construction › 20" tall x 18" wide x 4" thick

Description: Convenient hook & loop straps
› Additional foam protection increases thickness and shock absorbing capabilities
› Made of leather with all the features of the Traditional Thai Pads
› 16" tall x 8" wide x 5" thick
› Priced per pair

Description: Made entirely of leather
• Two rear straps with hook & loop closures for a quick, secure fit

Description: Preferred equipment of Ultimate Fighter. All the features our Leather Thai Heavybag but constructed with exclusive Powerhide material
• An inexpensive and durable alternative to leather

Description: Preferred equipment of Ultimate Fighter
• Made entirely of durable leather with a 1" closed cell foam liner

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The Herman Digital Trainer

Description:Power Sensor is designed specifically for martial artists and provides objective measurements of power, speed and technique through digital feedback.
The Power Sensor can attach to almost any target, bag or shield to instantly create an interactive training partner or smart target.

Click Picture for details about the Herman!



Air Thai Pads

Description:Incorporates our exclusive Dome Air Technology™ with a thick foam composite to maximize shock absorbency • 2 hook & loop straps for a secure fit • All leather construction with a reinforced handle • 16" tall x 8" wide x 4" thick



Uppercut Shield

Description:Multi angled striking surface for multiple punch and kick combinations. Two handles on back and one located on each side. Two elastic arm straps centered on back to secure pad.



Thunder Pro-series Thai Bag Unfilled

Description:The finest Thai bag on the market standing 6ft tall and weighing 140lbs when filled. Made of top grain cow leather with nylon straps. Greatly improve your punching and kicking power. This bag is UNFILLED







Thunder Pro-series Thai Bag filled

Description:The finest Thai bag on the market standing 6ft tall and weighing 140lbs when filled. Made of top grain cow leather with nylon straps. Greatly improve your punching and kicking power. This bag is FILLED



Pro Series Leg Kick Pad

Description:Perfect tool to improve leg kicks, foot jabs, and knees. All leather constructions, shock absorbing high density foam core. 5' thick, 16' wide, 21' tall.



Body Opponent Bag and Base

Description:A great partner for sparring techniques or target training. BOB, Century's Body Opponent Bag, is a full size lifelike mannequin. This price includes BOB and Base.

Two height adjustments, from 5 foot 6 inches to 6 feet tall. Polyethylene base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation. Approximately 270 lbs. when filled. One year limited warranty.



UFC® 100 lb Leather Heavy Bag 

Description:Covered in high quality 2mm genuine leather. Features black trimmings with a longer chain and heavy chain attachment reinforced with genuine leather and special stitched decoy rivets. Zip closure on top.
Size: 13-1/4" x 46"; Circ. 42"
Color: Black



adidas Muay Thai Heavy Bag


Heavy bag features a four-part heavyweight electric wielded chain with swivel and galvanized finish. The black exterior is constructed of 1.2mm bubuck 'HL' 100% polyurethane with woven backing and is filled with textile cuttings only. Top includes zipper closure. Dimensions: 13-1/2" x 72"



UFC® MMA Training Bag


30% larger than the UFC traditional training bag, this bag is built to MMA proportions with 260 sq. inches more hitting surface. Camo bag is constructed of a vinyl laminated polyurethane shell and the black/red bag is a vinyl embossed shell. The rugged structure weighs approx. 100 lbs and is designed specifically to withstand MMA workouts. Made in the USA

Colors: Black & Red Distressed, Camo.
Weights: 100 lbs.
Dimensions: 14" Diameter x 52" tall. /P>



UFC® Muay Thai Heavy Bag 

Description:Constructed of leather grain polyurethane that simulates the look and feel of real leather. Includes a woven backing to give the polyurethane shell the strngth of leather, Features a four-part welded galvanized chain that is secured to the bag with high strength riveted strap assembly and zip closure on top cover. Size: 13-1/4" x 72"; Circ. 42-1/2" Color: Black
Size: 13-1/4" x 46"; Circ. 42"
Color: Black



UFC® Tear Drop Bag

Description:Perfect for MMA training! Heavy leather grain polyurethane construction simulates real leather and includes a woven backing to give the shell the strength of leather. Features a four-part welded galvanized chain with special stitched decoy rivets and zipper closure on top cover. Designed specifically for knee strikes, elbow strikes and most punches from the clinch. Sizes: 18" x 35"; Circ. 56-1/2" (At widest point) Colors: Black



UFC® 100 lb Heavy Bag

Description:High leather grain polyurethane construction simulates real leather. Includes woven backing to increase the strength of the polyurethane shell and a four-part gas welded chain. The galvanized chain is secured to the bag with high strength riveted strap assembly. Features zipper closure on top cover. Dimensions: 13-1/4" x 46"' Circ. 42" Colors: Black



Pro Knee And Elbow Focus Mitts

Description:Thunder exclusive design. Improve your knee, elbows and power punching. .2 inches thick, 13 inches long for extended wrist support. Velcro wrist strap for snug fit. Made of Top Grain Leather.



Thunder Pro Series Thai Pads

Description:Undeniably the best thai pads on the market. The versatility of the thai pads make them an essential tool for all style and disciplines. Use them for punching drills, kicking drills and combination work. Hand made in Thailand, it has four layers of shock absorbing high impact foam, tough genuine cow leather shell, form fitted handles for better handling and control, and Velcro straps. 13" Long X 7.5" Wide X 2.5" Thick.



UFC Grappling Dummy

Description: Designed to perfect both throwing and pounding techniques. Constructed from durable vinyl. Weighted for realistic training. easy to clean with damp sponge. Torso Shape simulates a real training partner. Made in the USA.

Colors: Black & White Distressed, Red Distressed.
Weight: Approximately 50lbs.
Dimensions: 13" Diamter x 36" Tall.



Thunder Speed Bag

Description:Cow leather. 9"x11"



Coaching Training Mitts

Description: Teach your boxer defensive skills while working offensive techniques. Top Grain Leather Construction. Hand Made in Thailand.



Pro Series Square Focus Mitts

Description:Thunder exclusive. Great tool to improve power punching, knees and kicks. Each pad weight 2.8 lbs and 1 1/2 inches thick. Features comfortable hand compartment for easy holding. All leather construction with velcro straps. Measures 2' thick, 12' long, and 7' wide.



Big Pad

Description:Great for both kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques • Reinforced handles and striking area • Synthetic leather construction • 24" tall x 17" wide x 5.5" thick



MMA Focus Mitts

Description:1.25 thick impact absorbing striking area • Hook & loop wrist strap • Durable synthetic leather construction



Powerline Hydrocore Bag


Description:Durable vinyl cover, twice as much foam as the original version . This Extra Large Bag combines foam and water to create the sensation of hiiting a real opponent. Much less stress on the joints than traditional bags. Four web straps support steel chains and a 2 inch ring. Bottom tie down strap.

15 inches dia X 52 Inches tall (Approx 120 lbs.)

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