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Gel Shock™ Shin Guards

Description: Sleek design with a double layer of our high tech Gel Shock™ padding directly over the shin and instep Hook & loop closure Durable leather construction

Gel Shock MMA Training Glove



Description: Gel Shock technology absorbs shock better than conventional foams Hook & Loop wrap around wrist strap Segmented palm All leather construction

Lace-Up Training Gloves



Description: Classic Shooto style
› Great for training or competition
› Adjustable lace closure
› Comfortable neoprene liner



MMA Focus Mitts

Description:1.25 thick impact absorbing striking area • Hook & loop wrist strap • Durable synthetic leather construction

Thai Style Training Gloves



Description: Preferred equipment of Ultimate Fighter • Cut in the traditional thai pattern for a snug and secure fit

Combat Sports Fight Shorts - Seek & Destroy
Description:•Comfortable spandex / nylon blend fabric • Stretch panels on the outer thigh and crotch
• Internal draw string
• Screen printed Combat Sports Logos on the front and back


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Real Combat Martial Arts focuses on reality combat and the needs of a fighter.  We put particular focus on keeping fighters injury free by providing great products for protection when full contact fighting.  We also realize that many injuries come from muscle strength imbalances and core instability.  For this reason we offer products that strengthen the proprioceptors of the body and the muscles that are frequently undertrained. 

Real Combat Martial Arts is dedicated to the Martial Artist who wants to focus his time in training on the skills and techniques that work in a real combat situation.  We have a wide range of products that help the Martial Artist hone their skills for both the street and the cage.  Through our own training in Reality Combat and the needs of others in the field, we have collected some of the most useful training, fighting aids and MMA fight gear for your needs.

All products are of the highest quality and priced very competitive.  Through our research we found the prices that other companies charge for similar products and made sure we priced our products lower to help attract loyal customers. A limited list of our products include, grappling gloves, apparel, Thai  shorts, focus mitts, body protection products, wobble boards, balance  products, medicine balls, Heavy bags.


We have done all of the work searching for the best MMA Fight Gear and put it all in one place. If you are looking for quality MMA fight gear and great customer service, you have come to the right place.

We have a large catalog of products offered from Combat Sports International
We have MMA fight gear that meet the rules for both Amateur and Pro MMA bouts.
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We have vests that can hold up to 84 pounds. This is a Great way to increase your endurance and strength. The vest is a safe way to fool your body into adapting to a heavy body weight making your body adapt by adding muscle and burning more calories!
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Xyience is theBEST training enhancement supplements on the market. State of the art nutrition. CHUCK LIDELL is right, it will bring your training to the next level. All Xyience supplements come with an unconditional full  guarantee, so there's nothing to lose.

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Thunder MMA Fight Gear is made of the highest quality material. Check out there apparel and there fight gear. The Board shorts from Thunder are the best on the market. If you have not been able to find shorts that fit you because you are a bigger guy GO WITH THUNDER!

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Muay Thai Head Guard with Face Shield

Description: Geniune cowhide leather. High density foam special layered and cotton filling for increased shock absorption. Velcro closing at backside. Fully adjustable for form fit. Clear face shield.



'Pride Style' Grappling Glove

Description: Velcro Gloves with official Thunder logo. Very high quality.



Orange Camo MMA Shorts

Description: Sturdy nylon with reinforced stitching for maximum strength and comfort with a velcro waist band and split leg design for better kicking and mobility.

Sizes: 30 - 32 - 34 - 36 - 38 - 40 - 42 - 44



The Herman Digital Trainer

Description:Power Sensor is designed specifically for martial artists and provides objective measurements of power, speed and technique through digital feedback.
The Power Sensor can attach to almost any target, bag or shield to instantly create an interactive training partner or smart target.

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Legged Grappling Dummy 70lbs.

Description:The ultimate training partner
• Full out training sessions without the risk of injuring your training partner
• Perfect your takedowns, throws, submissions and strikes
• Synthetic leather construction
• Dummy weighs approximately 70lbs. and stands 5' 6" tall



Xvest w/ 40 lbs - Max 40 lbs

Description: The Xvest gives your workout the extra boost it needs. Put vest on for jogging, walking, aerobic or group exercise, or any body weight exercise as well. This will produce a more effective workout burning 70% more calories in the same amount of time. The Xvest works by tricking your body into thinking you are heavier than you really are and does so safely. By adding weight to your body you increase the gravity against your body, making it more difficult to move, requiring more muscle use while burning more calories.



Double Wrestling Shoe

Description: DOUBLESPORT SERGEI BELAGLAZOV WRESTLING SHOE "The world's most technical wrestling shoe...designed by the world's most technical wrestler...6x World and Olympic champion, Sergei Beloglazov" * Unique lacing system for maximum arch support * Strategic breathing to wick perspiration away from the foot * Unmatched flexibility and lightweight construction for maximum mobility * Unique sole for unparalleled grip and traction on the mat * Encompasses all of the technical features that made Sergei Beloglazov the greatest wrestler in is simple yet sophisticated.

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